June 20, 2015

Your God-Shaped Void: Ending Your Search for Fulfillment [Series Introduction]

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I'm just like Bruce Jenner. I can relate to him. I understand.

I’m just like Bruce Jenner. I can relate to him. I understand.

Mr. Bruce Jenner is a person God created who is attempting to mask that self and become a person he is not. Read that again.

We can accuse him in so many ways that this is wrong: God made him male; he should accept that and embrace that; changing what God intended is sin.

That was easy to do. Why? Because none of us have ever tried to change our gender. We don’t relate on that level, and therefore we find it easy to classify his attempts as wrong, disgusting, and sinful.

We probably find it easy to throw some Bible verses at him as well, like these:

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”     -Psalm 139:14

“How foolish can you be? He is the Potter, and he is certainly greater than you, the clay! Should the created thing say of the one who made it, “He didn’t make me”? Does a jar ever say, “The potter who made me is stupid”?”     -Isaiah 29:16 NLT

I have found that the only way to properly view the things that are happening in our world (which incidentally have been going on for years but now the media is making money off of it and therefore exploiting it) is to view it as an attempt to fill an inner void. It’s a God-shaped void. It can be a very confusing void to fill. From all appearances it seems most things would adequately fill it, and yet our attempts fail time after time.

I have been to Alaska twice and soon thrice. Something I notice about the area is the people. Since about 2000 the statistics show an incredible climb in population of “immigrants” from the lower 48 states moving to Alaska.

Stepping off the plane in Anchorage, driving in to Wasilla, and stopping at Wal-Mart brings the epitome of observation. This is Alaska. People come here from all over the world, especially from all of the lower 48 states. But why?

They are looking for something. No, not just because they are at Wally World. In fact, that only is a coincidence. The people are running from, running after, and confused at the same time. They are tough and hearty, and generally very independent.

But guess what. So are you. You are exactly the same. You want to be fulfilled. You want to find meaning.

There is a void inside our lives. It feels like we can plug it up with people, places, and things, but it doesn’t feel like it is working. Neither is it working for Bruce Jenner. The estrogen, makeup, plastic surgery, and Photoshop isn’t filling the void he so desperately needs filled.

I’m just as guilty as the guy in the news. We may even be doing the exact same things as Mr. Jenner by attempting to be a person we are not. We may be hiding behind makeup and dyed hair, a fake smile, or a church pew.

What are some things we hope will satisfy, but don’t? Answers could include relationships, security, material possessions, money, clothes, phone, friends, computer/device, games, vacation, pets, wife/husband, new house, etc. How often do we settle for these things and assume they will satisfy? How often do these things fail us?

Actually, don’t be surprised if we hear about a transgender person who claims to be a Christian. Why? Because all of us try to fill this longing. Be careful, don’t say that the person would then not be a Christian. That’s like saying you are not a Christian if you make something you saw on Pinterest and thought it would satisfy you. At this level, we can relate to Mr. Jenner and understand his confusion just a little better.

The crux of Christian apologetics: why follow Jesus unless he satisfies some inner longing that nothing else can.

Whether or not we embrace the very thing that fits in this void or not, Christians ultimately have knowledge of the answer — God. The void is God-shaped. Jesus Christ holds the key to that void. A relationship with Him is the only way to fill our desperate need. Jesus is the most fundamental need of the human heart. Our hearts cannot be sustained on anything else but Jesus. He is available for all. A relationship with Him presents us with real life, the life God gives that cannot be filled with things and cannot be attained on our own.

Or can it? Do we as Christians actually have our desires in balance, our purpose in view, and our fulfillment in Jesus Christ? If not, those who do not know God will not know where to go to fill their void and meet God.

Do you hear that? God is telling you right now: “Today is the day. I’m offering you a personal relationship with Me. You’ve been empty, you’ve been looking for all kinds of stuff to fill that void. You’re missing me. The void you’re trying to fill you will never fill because you were made specifically for a relationship with my Son Jesus Christ. I love you. I gave everything for you to experience this. Come to me, and I will give you rest for your longing soul.”

Keep an eye out for more on this series. I plan to write several additional posts about the particulars of this subject that I believe will be very relevant to all of you.


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  1. Carol

    Nelson, in the last paragraph, you mean, “I am offering you a personal relationship with Me.”…not “with you”. At least, I think that is what you intended to say…
    After you change that, I will share your post.

    • Nelson Lee Miller

      Thank you! I fixed it!


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