August 27, 2014

Where Is God In A World of Truth Haters?

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“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” – Sir Winston Churchill If you hate God, are an atheist, or just dislike Christians and what they stand for, I have a great suggestion for you. I suggest looking at some popular Christian […]

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” – Sir Winston Churchill

If you hate God, are an atheist, or just dislike Christians and what they stand for, I have a great suggestion for you. I suggest looking at some popular Christian websites to spam and do all you can to show the world that you are mad about what they are doing. The first one I would recommend is Answers in Genesis, a website dedicated to, of all things, the truth and God ( The second one is a popular blog by Matt Walsh ( These sites are quite attractive for folks that hate God, hate Christians, and hate the truth. I suggest you read the comment sections on their social media sites and comment vigorously. Because if you hate God, the best thing you can do is write illogical, irrational, hateful spews on theirs links. After all, we wouldn’t want one of those terrible articles to go public without someone correcting it in the comment section. (BONUS: If you are in college and are studying logical fallacies, this is the best place to look for examples. See how many you can spot in each sentence!) Oh, and don’t forget to like or follow them so you are sure to catch every post!

Ok, I’ll stop with the sarcasm and proceed to the crazy analogy instead.

An Analogy for Truth Haters – I Was Late for Work, Therefore the Color Red Does Not Exist

It’s the 21st Century. Let’s admit the color red does not exist. Oh, and I can’t stand that you are still free to buy red paint in public hardware stores.

Refusing to accept that God exists is rather hard for me to do. It would be like saying the color red does not exist. To prove it, I would have to prove that the color red never existed anywhere at any time. And similar to what Professor Jeffrey Radisson said in the popular movie God’s Not Dead, it’s not that the color red has died and has ceased to exist, but rather that it never has existed.
What would it take for me to get to that point? Imagine if I was late for work one day and got fired for it. I could blame stoplights and stop signs because they limit my ability to get anywhere quickly. They limit my freedom, and I am forced to obey or face the consequences. To show how I feel, I could angrily rip these stoplights and stop signs down and smash them. Then to top it off I could declare that I do not believe in the color red.

If I didn’t believe in red, I would set out to validate my belief. I would start websites, write books, hold rallies, and start organizations. I’d file lawsuits and go to court to forcefully restrict the Home Depot from selling any red paints. I would boycott Red Roof Inn and petition for Target and Arbys to change their colors to a more acceptable color, like blue. Who do they think they are mixing color and business anyhow? Furthermore I would viciously attack motorists who obey stop signs and stoplights, and hatefully harass police officers for trying to uphold and promote those laws. I would do all I could to make sure everyone else agreed with me and maybe somehow together we could all try really hard to ignore red. And when any group who espouses faith in the outdated color writes anything at all, or any time I see the color red and secretly know it exist, I would denounce it publicly in frustration.

Now you, as a red enthusiast, wouldn’t have to do anything. You could simply believe what you experience is a reality. Red is all around. In fact, you could claim it’s inside of you. I couldn’t fault you for being logical. I might even admire you. You just don’t have the faith, or rather blindness, to overlook the red in your everyday life.

Eventually, we anti-reds would have no alternative method of convincing you than to defraud the rest of the population. If we can attack you enough, only the anti-teds will be left. And so if the anti-reds are still around, and the red believers are a minority, then we must be right.

The truth hurts, but who are people mad at?

Answers in Genesis is by far my favorite organization. It espouses truth, not only about creation and nature, but much more so about God and the Bible. Without overexagerating, the organization is growing hugely popular because of their award-winning Creation Museum, website, books, movies, broadcasts, curriculum, etc. Recently, they have been attacked terribly, especially as they build a full-size Noah’s Ark. I especially like AIG because it separates itself from any religious organization or church and instead bases its views on the Bible. (Just a thought, I wonder if churches would have more success and popularity if they would do this.)

As expected, there are plenty of websites opposing the efforts of groups like this. In fact, many notable truth teaching individuals and organizations usually have at least one website which stands in complete opposite to them. For example, there is a blog by anti-Matt Walsh (aka anti-God) people refuting each blog post. Everything written there is filled with hate towards the truth and Matt as person. How ironic that they feel the need to go to such effort to refute the existence, and therefore teachings, of someone who many of them believe doesn’t exist. That and they change the truth of God into a lie as mentioned in Romans 1:25.

Why Does Truth Offend So Many People? It’s because Jesus is the self-proclaimed truth (John 14:6). And just like anyone who has seen Jesus has also seen the Father, so anyone who sees truth sees God. They are one and the same.

When organizations, individuals, and churches defend or promote the truth, people tend to get mad. Something about it apparently reminds them of God, and God reminds them that they are not as much of their own god as they would like to think. It means there is a standard of morality, which everything in life is based on. Any standards must have an author, and the author of morality is God.

AIG is great at showing the Creator in creation. Frankly, it’s hard to miss. It’s easy to walk out into the beautify wilderness and see 100% God. Wherever we look in the world around us, we see evidence that “the whole earth is full of His glory!” (Isa. 6:3). In that same way, it’s easy for most people to stumble over the truth and see 100% God.

I don’t think people mean to be blind to the obvious truth. Typically these people are intelligent. I think there is a root issue here. Oddly enough, the root issue is so powerful that it literally alters an otherwise intelligent and logical mind. It causes people to contradict the very things they embrace. Clearly it is an example of Romans 1:28-32, where people know their actions are sinful and will be accountable for them, but would prefer not to retain any knowledge of God in their mind. So every effort is made to rationalize God out of their lives and out of existence.

So I wonder, if truth wasn’t based on God, would the world love it?

If Christianity wasn’t based on God everyone would love Christians. If truth wasn’t based on God everyone would espouse it. If creation science wasn’t based on God everyone would promote it. If marriage wasn’t ordained by God nobody would promote alternatives. If God hadn’t set the earth into perfectly prescribed motion there wouldn’t be proponents of global warming. If creation didn’t point to God no one would dare uphold evolution.

People are ultimately mad at God. Their conscious, morality, and the ever constant reminders of God aren’t going away. It drives people crazy.

We are reminded in I John 3:13 not to be surprised if the world hates you, and again in John 15:18 that if people hate you it’s because they hate Jesus. Truth is hate to those who hate the truth. In John 18:37 Jesus says that anyone who is of the truth hears His voice. But nobody wants to hear God’s voice. The world wants to do things its own way. Everyone wants to be their own god. It’s not going to change — Christians, churches, and all truth lovers are going to be hated. Why? Because God and truth are inseparable, and the world evidently knows it.

So where is God these days? He’s in us. He’s in the truth we stand for.  So go head, embrace the truth. Live it. And show the world their Savior.

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