Nelson Lee Miller
I’m a writer, speaker, product creator, and founder of Pee-Aye Creative


I hope you enjoy listing to my podcasts! God bless you!

Everything I share comes in at least three forms  article, video, and podcast. All of our podcast episodes are embeded within each of the written articles. So if you are looking for a certian podcast, simply browse or search for the blog post title, click on the article, and you will find the audio player near the top of the post.

The other option is to listen in any podcasting app. This is a preference, and you can chooose from some of the popular ones below, depending on whether you use Apple or Google phones.

Nelson Lee Miller Podcast

My podcast is the audio version of all of our articles and videos here, so if you enjoy listening while you drive or at work or just around the house, be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast player app.

God’s Imagers Podcast

I’m also one of the regular hosts over on the God’s Imagers podcast, so be sure to check that out! A couple of my friends are the other regular hosts, and we feature guests on each episode. Together we hope to learn more about what it means to represent God as we live in His Kingdom.