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December 28, 2017

Museum of the Bible – My Review & First Impressions

Reading time is about 3 minutes.
This is a review of the new Museum of the Bible that opened in Washington, D.C. within walking distance of the Nation's capital.

Recently, my wife and I took some friends and traveled to the brand new Museum of the Bible located just a few minutes walking distance from our nation’s capital. I’ve visited many large, popular museums in my lifetime, including many of the Smithsonian Institution museums on the National Mall. I know what makes a good museum, and as a designer, I often look more at the way information is displayed than at the content itself.

Just last year, I visited the famous life-size Noah’s Ark Bible theme park in Kentucky known as the Ark Encounter built by Answers In Genesis, and I was so excited I reserved tickets and visited there opening day! I left the ark feeling amazed and extremely excited, and I encouraged many of my friends and family to go see it. Many of you who attended can understand the remarkable impact such an attraction is having on our nation. I personally couldn’t see how anything could compare to or outdo such an amazing biblical worldview attraction…but I think something just did! 

This is the first video I’ve ever created of my blog posts. I wanted to do it for those who don’t like reading. It contains the same content as the blog post.

As I entered the Museum of the Bible I knew it would be impressive. I expected to leave feeling the same way I did when I left the Ark Encounter — talking about it and exclaiming all the way home. And we did. As we drove home my wife and our friends would occasionally remark, “Wow, that was a really good day!”

On the day we visited there were over 10,000 people enjoying the six floors of interactive, informative, and extremely well thought out exhibits. We were there from the time it opened at 10:00 am till they closed at 7:00 pm. We spent 9 hours touring the museum and only got through 3 of the 6 floors of exhibits. We left physically exhausted but spiritually refreshed. The impact of the Bible as presented by this museum is going to felt on my life for years to come when I open up God’s word to read with my family, or when teaching a lesson or hearing a sermon at church.

I didn’t tell anyone, but tears flooded my eyes several times during the phenomenal surround audio/visual walkthrough of the Old Testament. And I think my jaw stayed dropped as I walked through the life-sized village of Nazareth. In nearly every exhibit I kept finding myself saying “Wow, this is so creative.” I was continually reminded of how the Bible has shaped our nation and the cultures of the world. I shook my head in near disbelief as I looked at the ancient manuscripts of the Bible. And being the inquisitive type, I always stopped to try to figure out what technology was used to make each high-tech state-of-the-art exhibit.

I simply cannot give you a good enough review of this museum. Please, go check it out for yourself. It’s totally FREE to get in, you just need to reserve time-entry tickets in advance. The museum is located right around the corner from the Metro station, so getting there could not be easier.  I will definitely be going again soon and would love to get your there and show you around.

Whether you grew up with the Bible or are totally new to it, the museum of the Bible is going to bless you, inspire you, and cause you to think deeply about its message.

If you have visited the Museum of the Bible already, leave me a comment about your favorite exhibit.

Thank you, and God bless you.

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