January 19, 2017

Handy Visual Prayer List for Your Bible School

Reading time is about 18 minutes.
As you are gearing up for Bible School preparing your lessons, collecting supplies, recruiting volunteers, running around trying to get everything done—be sure to pray!
NOTE: This blog post is written with my church’s Winter Bible School in mind, but it most definitely applies to any VBS or children’s ministry. Please take a look, save it, share it, and use it to pray for your ministry.
As you are gearing up for Bible School preparing your lessons, collecting supplies, recruiting volunteers, running around trying to get everything done—be sure to pray! Prayer is the best way to prep for anything, and especially Bible School! That’s why I want to equip you with a few (57 to be exact) prayer ideas to saturate the entire ministry in prayer.

I spent a lot of time on it and I hope this is valuable to you. I’d love if you shared this! There’s even an extra bonus at the end — I put this list into a PDF to download or print. 🙂

(If you see any errors or have suggestions, let me know and I’ll update it.)


“Give the committee wisdom to assign duties to each volunteer.”

“Give the committee wisdom to assign age groups to classes appropriately.”

“Lead and assign teachers to specific classes according to your foreknowledge.”

“Guide the discussions and decisions at the planning meetings.”

“Give us creative ways to reach children.”

“Meet any need of supplies, decorations, and volunteers we may have.”


“Give us a serious concern and willingness to hand out invitations.”

“Prompt us and remind us to give invitations to whoever you want to get one.”

“Inspire us with creative ways to get the news out.”

“Give us courage to bring up the subject with our coworkers, neighbors, and friends who have children.”

“Let our invitations find receptive and open hearts, perhaps even those who are hurting and searching.”

“Give us the words to speak to those we invite.”

“Show our community our sincerity, our compassion, and our Jesus through our conversations with them.”

“Open the hearts and minds of those children who will be invited and prepare them for your work.”

Children & Families

“Remind the parents and children to come each night.”

“Use this ministry to show the children the truth of who You are.”

“Breach the doors of the homes with Your message each night when the children return.”

“Let the changes in the kids’ hearts be an inspiration to their families.”

“Spark an interest in parents to converse and ask questions about what their children are learning.”

“Begin to break down any walls that might be preventing their young hearts from receiving your love.”

“Show us all our need of You.”

“Allow the children who are hungry for love and affirmation to find it not just from the leaders but in Jesus.”

“Bring children to understanding, belief, and into a relationship with You.”

“Use us to disciple the children to grow as Christ-followers.”

“Let parents and caretakers pursue a deeper relationship with you.”

“Give the children strength to stand firmly rooted in their faith and relationship with you.”

The Church & Volunteers

“Provide willing and eager volunteers in each area of the ministry.”

“Use each of our gifts and talents appropriately in the ministry.”

“Give us passion and enthusiasm to teach and interact.”

“Give us the vision to see these children as You see them.”

“Free our schedules and give us the time needed for the ministry.”

“Show us how to help meet needs that are discovered.”

“Help us to set rules and show appropriate discipline in love.”

“Give us unity among the leaders as we serve together.”

“Use us to proclaim the Gospel boldly, compassionately, and clearly.”

“Help us to interact well with parents who bring their children or stay for the adult lesson.”

“Draw us closer to You while we help children experience You.”

“Give us peace when times get stressful.”

“Fill our hearts with joy as we faithfully complete our work.”

“Let our church be a great influence in our community through our Bible School.”

“Flood this building with your Holy Spirit filling every room and every hallway.”

Health, Safety, & Protection

“Give the children good health during Bible School.”

“Give us good weather.”

“Protect the children and volunteers during drop-off and pick-up.”

“Guide the drivers and children as they travel.”

“Protect us from false allegations and biases.”

“Protect us from Satan’s attacks against the ministry, leaders, parents, and children.”

“Protect us from discouragement.”

“Give us a spirit of humility and protection from pride.”


“Thank you for the opportunity to pour into the lives of these kids in deep and meaningful ways.”

“Give us the wisdom to balance and focus our attention  towards the children from the community who are not accustomed to a church environment.”

“Give our own church students understanding and patience as we focus on the other children.”

“Let this outreach be the catalyst for us all to begin a passionate pursuit of sharing the Gospel each opportunity we have.”

“Help us keep you at the center of the ministry and focus on Your purpose and Your goals.”

“May we always be mindful that You are the foundation of this ministry and not ourselves or our church.”

“We desire You to be glorified in our Bible School.”

Download a printable PDF version of this list for free!

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