January 1, 2015

Friends of God, and Josh and Rachel

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The friendship of believers in Jesus Christ is truly a phenomena.

Many of you know my brother-in-law Josh Yohe was taken to the hospital Tuesday and is in intensive care. The writing of this post comes from my observations, and I have my sister Rachel in mind. Thank you for praying for Josh and Rachel and the family. They (or we) are truly appreciative and we ask you to continue.

I’m starting to second guess people

Like that kind security guard who randomly walked by and somehow sensed we needed something just may have been an angel. Sure, we could have found a vending machine ourselves, but God was like, “Hey angel, show them now. And lead them. Oh and make sure they know exactly where they’re at and where to go.”

Or maybe that lady at the cafeteria. She was a fraud, she wasn’t even in uniform, and yet she acted as if her main purpose in life was to offer to help with absolutely anything. She literally popped up right when we were confused, gave us the most thoroughly helpful rundown, and then literally went around the corner never to be seen again.

Andy maybe even the doctors and nurses. That specialist who knew exactly what to do, did it, then disappeared? Is he documented? Does Jesus himself play tricks and sneak into intensive care units with some cheap doctor outfit from Ebay and make the proper adjustments and answer questions? And those super nice nurses who genuinely care and offer any help…is that a natural thing? Are people just amazing or what?

Oh, and uh, then there’s you. I’m pretty sure like at most of you are angels. Either that or just amazing friends.


It is an overwhelming feeling when a loved one is suddenly taken from a state of strong health to one of intense sickness. Those who know Josh the best were are the most shocked when they visit his room. Strong, determined, brave, manly Josh reduced to a helpless state. The flood of emotions, feelings, and thoughts is enough to trample any unsuspecting loved one. Doubts come, then hopes, then scenarios run through your mind, some that make you feel guilty, some that make you cry, and some that make you smile. You need to be strong, but you know you are weak. You have no idea how you just made it through the last hour or days of anxiety. You want to run into a closet, crunch up you legs, close your eyes, and hold your ears until you land somewhere in the future away from the pain and uncertainty.

At that moment is just when your phone beeps with a new text from a friend. It’s a simple message, really. To dissect these would bore anyone outside of the situation. They’re so basic…so…

“I’m praying for you.”

“Let us know if you need anything at all.”

“Thinking of you.”

“Let us know, we can watch the girls.”

“Stay strong, we love you.”


It doesn’t get any better than this. Sometimes I honestly wonder what is up with people. Is it normal for this many people to sincerely care about another person? Do people outside of God totally not have this? What is this? What’s in it for them? Am I the only one who gets tears and shakes my head? Why are all these people so amazing?

It truly is about our common denominator, our Savior Jesus Christ, our King, our group Leader, our God, our…Friend.

Wow, what an amazing thought. To be friends of God is quite the illogical paradox. And yet we are. There could be no greater peace, strength, or hope than to live our lives as friends with God.

Being friends with God unites us with a common denominator. It compels us. And we love it!

Some would call it a jackpot.  The business world would profit tremendously from its example. To monetize it would yield an unfathomable figure. And yet to selfishly contain it would prove useless and null.

The friendship of believers in Jesus Christ is truly a phenomena.

Some consider friends to be those who are always by your side, who know you inside and out, and are “siblings from different mothers.” Even this is one of the most precious blessings, but as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ it goes so much beyond this. When someone is in need, weak, or hurting, friends come running. It doesn’t have to be someone you text every day, or someone you hang out with, or even know. It could those friends who just care, would do anything to help, and are praying, a lot. Those are the kind of friends that are only found in the body of Christ.


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