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Your Relationship With Your Church

Perspective This is a true story retold in my own words: Two families move into a community. Both decide to attend the local community church. FAMILY A: goes to meet with the pastor of the church. Throughout the course of the conversation, the family relayed their...

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Changing Us: The Work God Loves

Does God find you as one bringing Him pleasure and glory? God has a work that He loves to do, a work that He’s doing, a work that brings Him great joy – it’s the work of pulling your life and my life out of the pits of sin purifying and shaping us into the image of...

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Divorce & Remarriage

Here is just a short reference tool for you if you have ever struggled with or been asked about divorce and remarriage. To be honest, it’s very plain in Scripture. This short post will explain it. By the way, this is God, Jesus Christ, speaking. Matthew 19:3-9 “The...

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Sanctify the Christmas Season

Sanctification: Term meaning being made holy, or purified, it is used broadly of the whole Christian experience, though most theologians prefer to use it in a restricted sense to distinguish it from related terms, such as regeneration, justification, and...

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