Nelson Lee Miller
I’m a writer, speaker, product creator, and founder of Pee-Aye Creative


I am currently writing about the real Christmas story.

The book is currently being written, and although this has been ongoing for almost 10 years, there is a good reason why it is not finished. What happens is this: I think I almost have it, then God shows me something that knocks my socks off! So I start again. Send me a message to learn more!

The story of the nativity that we envision is weak at best. The heartwarming and cute scenes are void of much significance. The Bible gives an amazing, awe-inspiring story, but somewhere along the way we have lost it.

It’s time to bring back the meaning of Christmas from God’s perspective and see the events in a brand new way that will change how you view Christmas forever.

Come along on this epic, swift-moving retelling of a true story you have never heard before. No one could possibly be bored with this new retelling of the Biblical account as we uncover dramatic new discoveries and meaning in surprisingly uncommon places.